Home Page Update! Its about time...

We have been considering making a few updates to the home page of CNCminiProjects... and today is the day!

Just so we don't confuse everyone, it seemed a good idea to outline the changes here... so here we go.

First thing you will notice... we hope... is that there are 3 new large icon/buttons on the right hand side of the page.  

- Getting Started Guide

- Project Shop

- Shop Notes

These are direct links to the CNCminiProject site pages.  This should make it more obvious how to navigate from the home page to those pages.

Shop Notes??? Is this something new you ask?  Nope... sorry.  We just renamed the blog so that it fit better into the theme of the site.... boring EH?

Now for the more exciting bit...  In the center of the page you might also notice that there is a moving project ticker (don't have an official name for it... so that will have to do).

The last version of the home page had a few images here that when clicked only made the image larger.  We felt the expectation would have been that it took you straight to the mini-project.... so now it does.

This ticker will scroll through all of the available min-projects and their project sheets.  If you like one of them or are just curious...  click. 

That is about it.  If you have any other ideas of how we can make this better for you... just add a comment.

We hope these changes make it a nicer experience when you arrive at CNCminiProjects looking for that perfect mini-project to complete your Weekend CNC Warrior project!

Happy CNC'ing and let the chips fly!