Customer Focus - Patrick and April Eaton

Tis the season to start getting things made for the upcomming holidays.  The next big one is Thanksgiving and Patrick and April are getting a jump on it!  Check out these great finished wooden plates they have made and be get ready to be inspired!

"Our latest project for the fall!! These sure were a lot of fun to make. Friends and neighbors love them so look like we get to make some more."

Great use of the Thanksgiving No.1 project and hacking in models that came with their Vectric software!

Close up to show the wonderful finish.

"We used Vectric V-Carve Pro with the Laguna IQ Pro router. We used the models from Thanksgiving No.1 and the apples and maple leaf from the Vectric program."

We love that they hacked in models that came free with their software to make a more interesting layout!  It's easy to forget that with V-Carve Pro you get over 300 free 3D clipart models!

"The font used is Cambria and the designs are from Soft Ornaments 9 from Fonts Addict. Finish includes a mixture of assorted stains (Sanoma Red, Ipswitch Pine, Natural, Red Oak, and Gun Stock). The green color was made up from a concoction of green Testers paint and Natural stain.


And another wonderful finished piece that is sure to inspire others to mix 3D with 2D to make a stunning wall decoration!

"Here's another one we finished last night too. It's the wagon wheel from Western Saloon 3 and the E is Oklahoma font from Fonts Addict. The size is 23"diameter. "

What a great looking finished piece of art!

2D Initial on a 3D Wheel!

Thank you Patrick and April for taking the time to share your experience and finished projects with us!

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