Jevon pulls off a slam dunk with his latest hack!

Jevon Lewis sent in this really nice basketball sign he hacked together with the help of a couple Design and Make CNC projects.  His finish work on this is wonderful and it makes the sign pop!  

"Cleveland Cavs sign that I made with the basketball from Pick-Up League Basketball and the sword from Achievement Pack No.2."

Jevon edited the the sword to look like the one in the logo.  He used some very creative tooling to get it all to fit together tight and right. 

"I'm trying to make more complex signs than I used too."

"I really like how it came out. The basketball texture really made the piece stand out and having the sword go all the way through the design finished off the 3D design of the project."

We think Jevon has achieved his goal of making a more complex project.  Well done!

Thank you Jevon for sharing your project with us!

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Jim and his sports hack.

What a wreath!

WOW... now this is a Design and Make hack if we ever saw one!

This sports wreath, sent in by Jim Coats, hacks together almost all of our sports projects and then tosses in the fall wreath from the Thanksgiving No.1 CNC project and the ribbon from the Pick-Up League Golf CNC project!  This is the ultimate door hanging for the super sports fan!!!

Thanks Jim for sharing... and from what he says... "Got bored this weekend" turned it something pretty neat!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make Team

Patrick Green is now "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

When we designed the sports CNC projects it was with the thought that customers would take them and create sports awards for local sports teams.  The ability to either take the assembled layout or create their own and then customize it with players names, positions and jersey numbers made them a great value.  

Patrick Green has certainly seen the potential of the basketball and baseball projects.  He has come up with some very nice layouts and his results are tops!

The added paint to the basketball plaques sure makes that basketball pop!  It's a slam dunk!

Patrick also took the time to send us in these pictures of some baseball plaques he made.  Great layout with the home plate at the top and bottom with the bat on the sides!  Merging in that baseball jersey and then adding the jersey number is a great idea. 


"I use Aspire software with a CNC shark machine.  To finish it I lightly spray it with polyurethane spray so the paint doesn't bleed through, then I use paint pens to paint it then finish polyurethane with a spray. "

The results look great.  We're sure the players appreciate the plaques!  Something they will keep for years and years!


Thank you Patrick for sharing these projects with us! 

Consider yourself...  Weekend CNC Warrior Approved!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make It Team