Customer Focus - Ian Martin

Ian Martin has taken one of our most popular projects (Home for the Holidays No.2) and created a multifunctional centerpiece.   His layout looks great for the holidays but could be modified for lots of other events!  

"I made it as a hostess gift.  It's cherry with just a simple shellac & poly finish."

Finished Candle Holder

"I used Aspire, and carved on my Shark HD2 Pro.  Adding a second finish pass using a 1/16th ball nose cleaned it up nicely.  Dremel tool with sanding disks for a quick sanding.  It was used with 3 candles for a few nights and also with just 1 candle and condiment dishes in the outside holders."

Excellent idea to use the left and right candle sockets as a space to hold a candy or condiment dish. 

"Family & Friends - Happiness"

Ian's layout could be easily modified for almost any occasion.  Use the names of a newlywed couple for a great wedding gift or maybe create a house-warming gift for a new homeowner.  Even better remove the holly and berries and hack in leaves, from the Thanksgiving No.2 CNC project, to create a fall centerpiece!  Lots of options!!!

Thanks Ian for the great inspiration and taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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