Suzanne Ramsay you are "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

If you have been following us on Google+ the name "Suzanne Ramsay" should be very familiar to you.  For a while now she has been using our mini-projects to add to her existing product line.  All of her pieces are very nicely finished and presented.  

Super wine rack created using the Wine Bar No1 mini-project.

"Some were done with the Carvewright and some were done with Icarver 915X

The software I use are the Designer 2.0, moi3D, ArtCAM Express and Aspire.  I will sometimes create the project in Designer and transfer in STL for the Icarver or just do it totally with Aspire.

All depends what I'm doing and which machine is going to do what.

I do all my models in plain pine but customers have a choice of cherry, maple, birch or ash."

Suzanne is the first user we have actually seen a finished piece from that used our very first mini-project, Pub Sign No.1.  

Nice hack using the beer mug from the Pub Sign No.1 mini-project.

The finish on this one really gives an old pub feel.

The finish really brings out the subtle details of the foamy beer.... mmmm yummy. 

"The finish...well, that’s a bit complicated.  It’s like asking your grandma for a recipe.  A bit of this and a bit of that.

First, I'm all about rustic, old , vintage type finish as you can tell or just sealer/lacquer and varnish, satin or high gloss.

I always use a rag when colors or stains are applied.  Most of the time I use acrylic paint and just rub it in and the effect comes automatically due to the grain of the wood or areas that aren't sanded properly.

For the old vintage beer sign, that was a bit different.  First I sanded it to round all the edges and make a few dents.  Then I applied some red acrylic paint here and there, with a brush.  Once dried, I applied a crackling medium and then the white paint and let it do it’s job.  Again rubbed it with brownish acrylic paint to give it that old and dirty look.

I also use sandpaper to let to first coat of paint come out in some areas and on the edges.  Same with the beer mug.

The Bryan’s sign, this one was done in birch if I remember well and just a gel stain and varnish."

"The oval plate was done in poplar, lacquer and varnish."

Suzanne has a knack of creating great layouts for all sorts of display pieces and wall art..

Her use of models sh already has in her library and a great imagination allows for some great mini-project hacks.  The wine barrell is a model she already had and the wine glass and bottle are from the Wine Bar no.1 mini-project.  

Recessing them into the barrel using a dish shape was a fantastic idea and the finished piece is very impressive!

"I also use a black wax called FAT made in Canada for more details like the white barrel.  On that barrel, regular white latex was used.  I also used that wax for the text (Good friends...)"

"When it comes down to varnish, I use the Sherwin Williams industrial grade and a sometimes my spray gun.  All depends on the piece.

Honestly, most of the time I have no idea how it’s going to come out.  I just have this picture in my head and try to match it.  "

Thank you Suzanne for taking the time to send us all of the great info and allowing us to showcase your work...

Consider yourself "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

If you want to keep up on what Suzanne is up to circle her on Google+ or visit her website Suzanne's Woodworking!!

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The CNCminiProjects Team