Spreading the word - Indiana Rob’s 3D Sign Workshop

CNCminiProjects is very happy to be a very small part of Indiana Rob’s 3D Sign Workshop this year.  The infamous Indiana Rob himself asked us if we were willing to give a little something to be raffled away to a lucky student... and this is what we came up with:

We hand made 2 small boxes that had one of our models CNC on the top - The boot from the Western Saloon mini-project and the rose from the Rose Tile mini-project. 

The top of the box swiveled open to reveal a USB drive.  On the drive was the full mini-project that the model on the box top was taken from.   

Not a bad little prize... EH! 

We also sent along a few stickers for the students to take home.  We are hoping that we might get a few pictures of the students, a sticker and their own CNC machine.  If we do we will put them in a draw for another free mini-project! 

On top of that we issued a $5.00 discount code to be used on a mini-project purchase by the months end.  The discount code was placed on the back of our brand new business cards... for easy reference! 

From what we have heard the 3D Sign Camp was a hit... lots learn't and some great techniques shared. 

As you can see on their web site plans are in the works for the 2014 event... these guys don't let the chips settle!  

Good job Indiana Rob!!!!  

You are defiantly "Weekend CNC Warrior" approved!