Mom's little Garden...

Earlier this month we released the "Mother's Garden No.1" mini-project and some how we missed making a blog post... oops.  So here it it is... just in case you missed the CNCminiProjects Email Alert, G+ posting, multiple Twitter posts ans re-shares... ;)

"Welcome to Mom's little Garden" a place where you can go to loose yourself and get closer to nature.  A place that deserves not only your attention but also that of neighbors, friend and family.  

Every garden is different: some big, some small, some have flowers, some vegetables, some fit on a window sill and others take up acres. 

This is a pretty little mini-project and I'm sure you can find plenty of uses for it.  This project started out as a 5 model project but in the end we added in a bonus model!!!!

- 1 traditional blank garden sign
- 1 round sign with a recesses dish in the center
- Tulip model
- Marigold model
- Daisy model
BONUS - Tulip with out the leaves

This close to Mother's Day it will be a simple weekend project to put together a perfect gift that she will be sure to love!

Be safe and keep the chips flying!