Customer Focus - Ted Gauthier

Ted is the Deputy Fire Chief for Bloomfield Village fire department, Bloomfield Township Michigan, and does CNC'ing in his spare time.  He also races/flies hot air balloons... wow... that's a busy guy!  Last year he sent in this finished piece he made for his local Fire Chief.

Fire Chief Plaque


"I used a .25 in. End mill for the roughing and profile. I used the 1/16 ball nose for the finishing cut and a 60 degree V carve bit for the letters. I use Vectric VCARVE Pro 8 software"

Ted used models from 2 different projects to create this hack - 

Local Heroes - Firefighter No.1
Local Heroes - Police No.1

What a great layout for a retirement plaque or with a quick change of text a years of service award.

Ted's Home Built CNC Machine

"My CNC is a homemade. Plans by Dave Gatton. The CNC cutting area is 24 inches by 34 inches. "

What a great looking machine!!!  Amazing the detail you can get from a machine made mainly out of plywood! 

Thank you Ted for sharing your project and CNC pictures with us!

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