Customer Focus - Scott Fogarty

It took Scott a bit of time and elbow grease to get his project to the point where he was happy with the it.  As we are sure you will agree the time and effort sure did pay off!

" I finally finished my gift to my Mom & Dad. I wanted it to be special but I finally had to stop sanding and get on with other things."

Scott used the Wine Bar No.1 CNC Project for his layout.

"I used a 1/16" bit. It took 3 days to cut and weeks of sanding. My machine (CNC Mogul) shut down when I accidentally bumped the keyboard with about two hours left to go on the final tool path. When I set it up again, I was way off. It left me with a huge amount of extra work."


"I learn something new every time I cut a piece. One thing I've learned is that once you complete your cuts, your work is just beginning. The time you spend sanding is what can really make a piece special. I like the natural look of the wood I select and how its grain turns out. Every time I finish a piece, my expectation of my next piece increases."

It all looks great to us.  Your finish looks amazing and it is something very special!

"I especially wanted this piece to turn out well for my parents. I hope they really like it."


"FYI My Parents loved the plaque I made them and put it over their bar."

We had a feeling they would... a special gift like this is sure to be cherished for many years!  Great work Scott!

Thank you Scott for sharing this special project with us!

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