Tim turned a family loss into a special bonding project!

This is one of those projects where we should just let the customer do all the talking.

"We had three generations of Yorkies. They are all getting pretty old as far as dogs go. However, the youngest one passed away due to a sudden health complication, she was almost 10 years old, born just a few months before my son. She will be forever remembered. I thought this would be the right time to really get my son more involved with woodworking. He has tinkered with the scroll saw and put some Lowes and Home Depot projects together, but hadn't used any major tools."

"With this project, I showed him how to take rough sawn cedar and make a beautiful box for our dog to be put to rest in. I taought him how to use the jointer, the planer, and the compound miter saw. I did most of the cutting on the table saw, but I let him use a box joint jig. I created some molding on the router table and I also showed him why I didn't want him dealing with the router... I had a 3/4" round nose bit barely lifted out of the table and mostly covered by a fence. I purposely launched a missile (sent a small piece of wood into the bit along the fence from the wrong direction using a LONG push stick). ZOOM - BANG! Yeah, he got the point.

We together glued up a panel for the lid of the box. After that, we worked together to send that panel through the drum sander to flatten it and set it up on the CNC. This is where some magic happened. By hacking together the frame of the Rose Tiles project, the cross from the Praying Cowboy project and the collar and dog bone tag from the Furry Friends No.1 project, the lid was ready for a little text to top it off.
I think for a quick build, this came out great for our beloved little friend. She was laid to rest and my son was able to take part in making that special box for her.

Thanks for the perfect 3D touches."

We are sure Mia will be missed and what a fitting project to include your son in.  This a great way to help with the healing knowing he was involved in the making of her final resting place.  I am sure the experience, in many ways, will be with him for years to come.  We can't say enough about how great it was for you take your family loss and turn it into a learning and bonding experience with you son.


Tim Babb has a great channel on Youtube that that you just might want to check out - Woodworking Maniak

Thank you Tim for sharing this special project with us!

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