Customer Focus - Jim Meadows

We are always inspired by the unique finishing techniques our customers use.  In this case Jim Meadows uses charcoal to add shadowing and to blacken his recessed lettering. 

"Made this little plaque for a friend who has an embroidery shop in Rockport, Texas."

"After completion. Fun Stuff!!!!!"

This is a great hack using models from 5 different Design and Make CNC projects!

Before charcoal.

"(The shop is) on the beach, so the starfish, Rockport is home of the hummingbird festival, so that’s why the components.

Made from maple, finished with lacquer, and highlighted with charcoal. Not sure of the fonts, as they were traced from a bitmap."

What a great layout and the choice of components sure tells a lot about local culture.

The hummingbird and flower come from the Mother's Garden No.2 project, starfish from the Under the Sea No.1boot from the Western Saloon No.1, cowboy hat from the Western Saloon No.2 and finally the sign shape from the Pub Sign No.2 project!  WOW!!!!  That is a hack!

Thank you Jim for sharing this special project with us!

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