The first of 3 Under the Sea themed projects!

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Under the Sea No.1

One Possible Layout

This is the first of 3 projects that have been inspired by what you might see in the shallow pools of water you find while walking on the beach.  No.2 and No.3 to come later in the year.

 Things like seashells, starfish, smooth rocks and driftwood give you a glimpse of what you might encounter on the seafloor.  Using the wavy tile and seafloor texture, included in this project, you can create some interesting wall art, cottage signs, coffee tables and even a headboard that will surely keep you dreaming of the surf. The wavy tile can be tiled, end to end, to make a longer layout. Tucking models under its raised edge or under the raised bits of the driftwood you can add lots of depth to your finished project!

Longer layout using 2 of the wavy tiles, end to end!

All 7 Models

Included Assembled Layout

Project Sheet

This project includes 7 models:

  • Starfish No.1
  • Smooth Rocks No.1
  • Driftwood Stick No.1
  • Seashell No.1
  • Barnacles No.1
  • Wavy Tile No.1
  • Seafloor Texture No.1

Plus 1 Assembled Layout and Project Sheet for just $30.00!

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Above are a few other very quick layouts that just might get you inspired!

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