Don Harding - "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

Don was pretty new to CNC'ing when he first started collecting up our projects.  At first he didn't even have a working machine set up but he could see the potential in using our projects to help him learn how to use his software and machines.  We are sure you'll agree, after reading this post, he has come a very long way... and he looks to be having FUN!

"Aspire Program and CNC mini projects/Design Make has changed my World.


Don has been a member of his local fab lab and wanted to make a sign to show them how important their lab has been to his learning.  He used the Pop's Tool Shop No.2 to create this inspiring sign for the lab! 

Don has been busy making these heart and ribbon signs using the free Getting Started Heart and Ribbon project and adding a bit of V-Carving.  

The image on the left shows Don's machine working through the material left from the roughing pass.  After the finishing pass was compete he adds on the V-Carved text.

The onesie on the left was CNC'ed using his Legacy Arty 58 CNC.  Don had this to say about the one on the right:

"This Onesie was done on my Camaster Stinger I. Exciting to see this machine behave. I wish I had been introduced to the World of CNC'ing years ago."

Both turned out pretty nice!  We're sure the parents of Kadence and Emma will be very happy with their keepsake that is sure to last for a very long time!  The onesie model is part of our Nusery Fun No.1 project.

Don made this plaque for a local baker using the Chef's Kitchen No.1.  On the left is the finished part right off the machine and the picture on the right is the finished piece he delivered.

"Everything came out real Good.  Yesterday I got a Hug and later I got a Muffin.
 Carmella was THRILLED with the plaque."

Don used the included assembled layout from the Western Saloon No.3 project to make the sign for his room, while the sign on the left was laid out using the Pop's Tool Shop No.1 and Aspire.  He sure pull off a lot of depth in that one by overlapping the ribbon over the tools!

He was thinking outside of the box when he created the camping sign in the middle.  Don used dowels to hold the plank ribbon and plank sign, from the Pops Tool Shop No.2, together making it very stable.  We were hoping someone might think of that and send us a picture... Thanks Don! 

Our post would not be complete without a picture of the' "girls"... his Stinger and his Legacy CNC machines!  Those are two fine looking ladies you have there Don!


Don thanks for taking the time to send in all of these great pictures of your projects!

Consider yourself...  Weekend CNC Warrior Approved!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team