Cookies, Crafts and Holiday Fun for Everyone

Possible Layout

This is the 5th installment in the Home for the Holidays themed CNC projects.  This little project started off with the thoughts of a fresh batch of holiday cookies.  In the end it turned out to be much, much more.  Once we started messing around with the models we came up with layouts we never initially thought of.

Creating an old school wooden cookie press is a snap with these 5 models and that makes for a great holiday gift that will be used for many, many years.  How about molds for clay Christmas tree ornament crafts, festive cutting boards or cheese trays and so many options for wall decorations to greet your guest over the holiday season. 

Possible Layout (cookie or clay mold)

Another Possible Layout

All 5 Models

Included Assembled Layout

Project Sheet - Tons of inspiration! 

This project includes 5 models:

  • Holly Wreath No.1
  • Stocking No.1
  • Christmas Tree No.1
  • Snowman No.2
  • Mold Board No.1

Plus 1 Assembled Layout and Project Sheet for just $30.00!

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We created a short video to help get you started with this project. Click the link or image to view on YouTube.

Above are a few other very quick layouts that just might get you inspired!

Hope you enjoy this project...

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