Doug Pinney'a User Group Follow Up! WOW!

When we were a the the 2015 Vectric User Group meeting, past Weekend CNC Warrior, Doug Pinney took the time to introduce himself.  During our conversation he took us on a visual tour of his work and work he was getting ready to complete when he returned home.

The finish part below was one he took the time to show us and it looked impressive in Aspire.  The finished piece is more than impressive...

"Wood is Cherry Size is 22.5" X 32.5" Some of the items can from Pop's Tool Shop No. 2"

As he said in his comment some of the models came from the Pop's Tool Shop No.2 CNC project but the others he modeled himself!

Lots to take in when you look at his layout.  I think we all can agree it is a pretty nice finished project.

Thank you Doug for sharing this project with us!