Randy from WorkedWood.com you are "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

It's great to see our users posting pictures of finished project that have made use of our projects.  Sometime we have a hard time finding them and if we do see them it is by sure luck.  Randy Meyer, from WorkedWood.com has the right idea when posting and is sure to tag us so we can find them easily.  Below are some examples of his work... and it's well worth the look!

Randy used our Pick-up League Baseball mini-project.


Randy posted this on Twitter and, as you can see, it was hard not to take a double take.  

"Its hard maple finished with three coats spar urethane. I have a Shark Pro and Carvewright use the standard software, Meshlab, Sculptris, and Corel 15."

Notice how he cropped the baseball into a heart shape... now that's hacking!





Randy also worked on this beauty and tweeted us the image... 

"@CNCminiProjects a small hack of my own for the @stormathletics baseball team. The team signed the infield."

He used the models form the Pick-Up League Baseball and the ribbon from the Family Coat of Arm Achievement Pack No.2 to create this hack!

Super idea Randy and thanks for the tweet!!!!



Randy tweeted his latest use of a mini-project and it's another great piece.

This birth plaque layout came straight from the project sheet we included with the Nursery Fun No.1 mini-project. 

His attention to detail and his finishing is perfect!  Nice font!

Be sure to keep an eye on Randy by taking a looking at his website (www.workedwood.com) and follow him on Twitter (@WorkedWood).

Warrior Sticker.png


Thank you so much for sharing and, Randy, you can consider yourself "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!  

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team