PNGs for our CarveWright friends!

Just a quick little post to all of our CarveWright friends out there who have been wondering if they can use our mini-projects.  The answer is YES!!!! 

All of our mini-projects are offered in a gray-scale, PNG format that can be imported into your software. 

We know this might not be the preferred method and most would like us to offer the .PTN version.  We are hoping to do that in the future once we get our hands on the software to make the conversion (psst... if you know someone at CarveWright, wink, wink, point them in our direction).

For now, and you can test this out with our free mini-project, just import in the .PNG grayscale and your software should convert the levels of gray into the bas-relief.   

Give it a go and if you have any questions, suggestion, or comments... please leave them for us to ponder. 

Well... what are you waiting for!  Get carving!!!!

The CNCminiProjects Team!