Our Easy Guide to Building a Coat of Arms and Carving it!

It takes centuries for most clans to create a coat of arms and now, with our help, you an do it in minuets!

We have added 2 coat of arms themed mini-projects in the last couple of months.  
The first is a base set of models that will help you to create a proper basic coat of arms.  The second is an achievement pack that adds some great elements to add to the the first set of models and fill out your coat of arms. 

The Family Coat of Arms No.1 has a great mix of models that will surly give you a perfect base for your special job.

- 2 helmets
- 2 sets of flourishes
- 2 shields
- 2 ribbons

The Family Coat of Arms Achievement Pack No.1 is filled with 6 models to mix, match and add to your creation.

- Helmet
- Plumes
- Boars Head
- Thistle
- Ribbon  


Below is a great example of how the two mini-projects can be used together.  The coat of arms on the left (or first image) was created using the models for the Family Coat of Arms No.1 mini-project.  The image on the right (or the second image) is the same coat of arms but with the addition of models from the Family Coat of Arms Achievement Pack No.1.  WOW... Amazing!

Don't forget 2 key things... all of these models can be machined on their own or used with any other mini-project (also all of the models you currently have).    

We know what you are thinking... "None of these looks like MY coat of arms!" .  Well you might be right so we need your help in getting more coat of arms models made that will fit your needs.  Email us a picture of your coat of arms with your comments and we will add the bits to our list of models to be made and added.

Well there you have it!

Now get out there and get carving!

The CNCminiProjects Team!