Software limitations? Don't think you can use a CNCminiProject? Busted!

We have had a few customers ask us how they can use a mini-project seeing as they can't mix and match models in their CNC software.  The limitation being they can only import in one solid STL mesh and create tooling for it.  Well here is the fix...

We discovered MeshLab some time ago but was unsure how our users would make good use of all its features.  Well, come to find out, it is the perfect tool for combining our mini-projects into one solid model and its FREE!  We created a very short video to walk you through how it is done. >video<   

MeshLab is great but we found that it could not mirror an STL mesh.  We were on the hunt again for a free solution to this problem.  We found netfabb Studio Basic (you can download it for FREE but if you want the full featured version we suggest you purchase it.  The free install does give you the mirror option).  Again we made a very short video to show you how it is done. >video<

There you have it.  We hope that these will help and open up a pile of new opportunities for you and your "Weekend CNC Warrior" projects!

Let the chips fly... but safety first!