Does your grass hut's bar need an update?

Break out that grass skirt (or plaid shorts), pour yourself a tall cold drink, garnish it with an orange slice and an umbrella cause you're going to need it.  The Tiki Bar No.1 mini-project has arrived.

We know the old grass hut is looking a bit run down and a new sign might just help.  

This new mini-project contains 7 models that can be mixed and matched into a pile of different projects.  

Don't let your imagination limit you to just bar signs.  How about a cool "KEEP OUT!" sign for the kids tree house.  Now that would get you some points!!!

Add a loop to the palm tree and have it 3D printed into a pendant to celebrate a special trip south... wow tons of points there.

Order and Download it today!

Happy CNC'ing... and watch for flying spears.