Harry and Kendra Squier are Hacking it up!

The Squier's have caught our attention again with a couple of project images they sent in over the last few months!  


"The project was carved with radiata pine on our Shapeoko3. We finished it with a variety of Varathane wood stains. The hammered metal area is Rustoleum pewter paint and the whole thing has brown glazing over it to add depth and detail to the colors. Finally a couple of coats of Zinser shellac to seal it."

The use of all of the fall colors of stain realy make this project a winner!!


"Here's a wreath we did from the holiday packages with the banner from the Thanksgiving pack."

What a great rustic finish it really gives the project a nice character. Hacking the models from the Home for the Holidays No.1 and The Thanksgiving No.1 projects gives a new meaning to a seasonal project.

"We are having so much fun with the project packs."

That is what we like to hear!!!  It sure looks like you guys are having a great time.

Thank you Harry and Kendra for taking the time to share your experience and finished projects with us!

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Customer Focus - Paul Stewart

It is always good to see project submissions that use our free Heart and Ribbon project.  Paul Stweart sent this finished project image into us and as you can see he made the most of the models in the project!  

"Two Hearts Joined As One"

"The approx size is 17"x 6.5"
in hard maple and about 2 1/2 hrs. of cutting time
Finish was clear gloss lacquer - 3 coats- sanding in between coats.
This was made as a wedding gift for a couple that my wife worked with.

Paul posted this project in the Vectric Forum, back in September, and received lots of interaction from other forum users.  You might want to check it out - 


What a great gift!  Nice work Paul!

If you have not tried the free Heart and Ribbon project there is a link to download it on the Getting Started page of Design and Make.  Have fun!

Thank you Paul, for sharing this great project with us.  We are sure it will inspire others. 

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We won't forget... thanks to projects like these.

We are so honored when a customer takes one of our projects and creates something truly specail and personel to them.  Don Harding sent us in two different plaques he made in honor of his son. 

"143RD Military Police"

"The Pain of Yesterday is the Strength of Today"

Don used models from our Lest We Forget No.2 CNC project to help get his layout just right.  

He used the dog tags model to recreate a version of his son's tags to give this plaque a very special and personal touch.  


Thank you Don for sharing this personal project with us.  We are sure it will inspire others. 

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