Scott Pearlman likes his bikes!

Motorcycle fan, Scott, has taken our Let's Ride No.1 cnc project and made a fer very interesting finished pieces.

"I'm using VCARVE Pro. Version 8.0. Mr router is an Axiom AR6. With a liquid cooled spindle."

"In white oak, it measures about 15" wide"

We really like the way he overlapped the panhead motor over the logo.

"Here are a few more things I made. The larger box is a wood called Iroko and the smaller box is black walnut. I would love a Knucklehead engine to work with. As you might have guessed, I'm a Harley rider. Been one for almost 50 years."

Scott you're in luck because we just released the Let's Ride No.2 cnc project and it includes a knucklehead engine and a vintage bike model. 

Possible Layout

All 6 New Models

Another Possible Layout

Thank you Scott for sharing your projects with us!  Keep up the great work.

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