Unique Rose Box from Highland Boxes and Pam Harris

We first spotted Highland Boxes on YouTube and were excited to see that Pam was introducing a hobby CNC into her shop.  Already Pam Harris was making some very unique bandsaw boxes and she was thinking that adding in a CNC element to them would be interesting.  We were intrigued by what she was doing and thought it would be neat to see if one of our projects might help and inspire the process.  WOW... we did not expect this, not at all. 

What an amazing and unique box that is more of a functional art piece then just a box.  Pam used her Vectric VCarve Pro software and a rose from Rose Tile project to create the drawer faces.  The end result is a pleasure to look at and is sure to inspire.

Pam created a 5 video Youtube series showing you how she made this amazing box.  She explains, from start to finish, how she used our Rose Tile CNC project and made this unique 3 drawer box in her shop. Well worth the time to watch, it's an interesting process, and is sure to get you thinking how you might make something similar. 

Pam has a great down to earth style to her videos and she makes you feel very much at home in her shop. If you like the videos and want to keep up with what she is doing make sure to subscribe to her channel.

Another video of Pam's we would like to note is one in which she explains her first experience with her XCarve CNC and how our Free Heart and Ribbon project helped her create one of her first projects.

You can follow Pam and Highland Boxes on Facebook or visit her website.

Thank you Pam for sharing your projects and experiences with us!  Keep up the great work.

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