Texan Dreamers Plaque from James Patton

One of the great things about our CNC projects is that there are so many themes. On the other hand that makes it hard to know if you would ever have a need for particular ones.  As you will see from one of James Patton's latest project knowing that we had a particular theme available helped him out and the result is pretty great!

"An acquaintance of my wife asked if I’d carve a logo for her. You can see the drawing I had to work with."

James was given this image to work from.

"You can see the drawing I had to work with. Using pieces from the graduation day set, I think we got pretty close..."

We have to agree with James... it is pretty close... maybe even a bit better... ;)  Love that finish and the color really brings it all together. Nice work!

Thank you James for sharing this project with us!

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