Customer Focus - Johan Ahlberg

Johan Ahlberg sent in some images of ring boxes he made using some of the models from the the Be Mine No.1 project as a top embellishment.   He was kind enough to share his process, so keep reading!

Again we have been sent some finished projects that have impressed us, inspired us and have made us wonder what others are doing out there with our projects.

Roughing pass to remove most of the contrasting wood.

Finishing pass to clean up the top.

"I cutted out the lid first with the down side up with a dado for a snug fit to the bottom half and then glued a 4 mm piece of contrasting wood on the top side and made a 3d finish."

"I use a 6090 China router with an upgraded water cooled spindle (2.2kw). I use Vectric software and nc studio. Vectric is an excellent program that is fun and easy to use."

Finished box... WOW!


The end result of such a unique process is outstanding!  Gluing the 2 different pieces of wood together and then machining the top wood off leaving only the model is pretty neat.

"They were fun and easy to make."

"Maybe they can inspire someone else."

We are pretty sure they will inspire our users to try something  new and, we hope, inspire a few ladies to say "Yes!". 

"I am a co-owner in a company called Herrljunga Ledstångsfabrik and we are leading in sweden when it comes to handrails and bannisters ."

"When we decided to purchase a CNC I couldn't resist to buying one for myself.  1 year after that I started a hobby company on the side.  My own website : has only been active 2 months."

Looks like Johan is off to a great start with his business and the ring boxes are looking very nice on his website.

"I must say that your concept with whole projects is Great and I'm sure I will be a returning customer."

Thank you Johan for sharing this special project with us!

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