We all need some of that Luck of the Irish!

Possible Layout

Another Possible Layout

We’ve all heard about the “Luck of the Irish” and how finding a four leaf clover is a sure sign of some good luck coming your way.  Now you can spread a bit of that luck with this St. Patrick’s Day inspired CNC project

All 6 Models

Assemble Layout

Project Sheet

This project includes 6 models:

  • Leprechaun No.1
  • Shamrock No.1
  • Harp No.1
  • Sign Shape No.2
  • Leprechaun Hat No.1
  • Lucky Clover No.1

Plus 1 Assembled Layout and Project Sheet for just $30.00

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Above are a few other very quick layouts that just might get you inspired!

Hope you enjoy this project...

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