Hack of the Week No.90

Tearing down old cars and rebuilding them a hobby of yours?  Maybe there's someone in your neighbourhood that you take your car to and get minor repairs done. We bet they could use a little something to make sure your next "favour" is pushed ahead of the yard work they planned to do.

This "My Garage, My Rules!" sign was created using models from these projects:

The font we used to simulate the v-carving on this layout is call:  Myanmar Text

A Little Something Extra

We have included a link to download the "Free to Anyone" vector outlines (.dxf format) for the lightning bolt you can see in our layout.  Now you can add it to any of your own projects. It's easy and fast to V-Carve in your Vectric software!  

Download link below...

D&M - Hack of the Week No.90 - Lightning Bolt

Note - This hack was assembled in Aspire V8 for presentation purposes.  It could have been done in VCarve Pro V8 or VCarve Desktop.

Why not hack together your own layout mixing and matching models from other projects or from your own library!  For some great inspiration check out our  hacks page!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make Team