Ronald Moorehead - Customer Focus

If you are new to your CNC and Design and Make CNC Projects it may sometimes seems overwhelming when it comes to creating your very first custom layout.  We knew that and that's why we have included into every project an already assembled layout.   These layouts have come about while we tested the models and how they would interact with each other.  Normally, with just a bit of V-Carving, they can be customized and in just a few minutes you can have a project ready for your machine.

"I just wanted to share my carving of Mother's Garden No 2 with you. I made the small one first and did not like the way it tuned out with no detail in the humming bird so I made a large one to show the detail. Finished with Bronze Sculpt Nouveau."

"The large one is 11" square and the small one is 6" square.
I used Aspire version 4.5 and machined in on my ShopBot PRS."

It would be unfair to overlook these layouts if you are an experienced user.  As Ronald shows they can be very handy and turn out quite nice!  Ronald used the assembled layout for the project and add a bit of V-Carving and turned it into a great gift! It is hard to not notice the amazing finish on the pieces.  Nice job Ronald!

Thanks again Ronald for taking the time to share these finished projects with us!