John Mordus is now "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

It is always great to hear from users that are relatively new to CNC.  John has only had his CNC for a short time but he sure knows how to make our CNC projects look good! 

"Probotix Nebula - used it a whole 2 months already.``

Looking at John`s work you'd think he had been using his machine and software for much longer then that. 

John uses Aspire V8 and used it to create these layouts and even sorted out how to cross the wrenches.  Nice touch!

"Cut from pine - 5/4 x 6 - 2 2ft lengths glued together"
"This is the tool sign I was telling you about. It's ready to Vcarve"

John hacked together 2 of our projects to create this great shop sign (Pop`s Tool Shop No.1 and Dad`s Garage No.1).  Like he mentioned it is just waiting to be customized with a shop name or saying!  


Thank you John for sharing these projects with us! 

Consider yourself...  Weekend CNC Warrior Approved!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make It Team