What's on tap in your pub?

Introducing our latest addition to the Project Shop...
Pub Sign No.2

Our first project to ever hit the Project Shop was the Pub Sign No.1 CNC project, that was back in late 2012.  

"Wow, hard to believe it was that long ago. " 

Today we are proud to be releasing the Pub Sign No.2 CNC Project that continues our original idea that our projects should empower those with a CNC to easily create finished projects for themselves, friends or family members.  In this case maybe something for your own basement bar or for a local pub (in the hopes they will take care of that tab you may or may not have).

Making a pub sign for your favorite home brewer or basement bar owner will be a snap with this new project. Featuring a barrel (wine, rum, whisky, scotch or beer), draft tap, pilsner glass and free, to anyone, downloadable stylized "Beer" text (download link infor below). 

All 5 models

Included assembled layout.

Project Sheet

This project includes 5 models:

  • Barrel No.1
  • Draft Tap No.1
  • Pilsner Glass No.1
  • Plaque No.5
  • Engraving Plaque No.2

Plus 1 Assembled Layout and Project Sheet for just $30.00!

Order and Download it today!


We have also included a free to anyone stylized "Beer" text vector download.  Perfect for V-Carving on your project for that extra special touch!

Download link is available on the Pub Sign No.2 project page.

Above are a few other very quick layouts that just might get you inspired!

Hope you enjoy this project...

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Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make CNC Projects Team