Bonus - Hacking Help - Customer Question No.1

Screen grab Don sent.

Weekend CNC Warrior, Don Harding, was looking for a bit of help making his layouts just a little bit better.

We could have written an email but we thought it would be nice if we made a video to share, thinking other CNC project users may have the same questions.

The video is 20 minuets and includes information on text layout, component tree, adding and merging models and basic tooling setup.  

Raw wood still on the CNC.

Finished and ready for the customer!

We sent the video off to Don to check out before we posted it and the above images are his updated project.  Looks Great Don!!!

Projects used for this hack...

Graduation Day No.1
School Days No.1
Mothers Garden No.2

We sure hope it is helpful to you and please feel free to leave any comments!

Image added - Jun 22, 2015 - WOW!!! Don nice looking finished project!  Thanks for sharing!!!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make It Team