A new project for all you pet people out there!

Introducing our latest addition to the Project Shop...
Furry Friends No.1

Over the past months we have been asked several times if we had a project that could be used to create a pet memorial for a beloved pet.  This is our first installment of, what we hope will be, a continuing theme helping you to celebrate your current pets and the special four legged friends you have lost along the way. 

This project has been specially designed for versatility so it can be used over and over again.  The pet collar and leash can accept either of the pet tags or just be left as they are.  The pet tags and pet bowl can be V-Carved with a name or word or you can tuck the leash under the bowl to create a more complex layout. 

This project includes 6 models:

  • Pet Collar No.1
  • Pet Tag - Bone
  • Pet Tag - Round
  • Heart Shaped Leash
  • Pet Bowl
  • Cloud Sign Shape

Plus 1 Assembled Layout and Project Sheet for just $30.00!

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We have also included a free to anyone download of 2 vector paw prints.  Perfect for V-Carving on your project for that extra special touch!

Download link is available on the Furry Friends No.1 project page.

Above are a few other very quick layouts that just might get you inspired!

Hope you enjoy this project...

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