Too much Tiki? Never! Tiki Bar No.2 and No.3

We got a little involved with the next installment to the Tiki Bar No.1 project and, in the excitement, came up with two new Tiki Bar projects for you to consider!!!  Instead of holding off on one of them we decided to release both at the same time.

Tiki Bar No.2

One possible layout.

The Tiki Bar No.2 project was originally created so that you could build your own bamboo font to embellish your tiki bar signs. In the end it has turned out to be a very versatile project and just not limited to making letters!

Do you need a few signs to hang around the bar to keep the locals on top of what is new or where to find things?  How about a new pool sign so that visitors know where the exit is(because you know they'll wear out their welcome).

All 7 individual models.

Assembled layout.

Letter Key page


We have included a great "letter key" page so you can quickly layout a full 26 letter font!

As you lay them out save them off in your clip-art library so you can re-use them in the future for all kinds of great projects.

Project Sheet



This project includes 7 models:

  • Tiki Mask No.2
  • Long Bamboo No.1
  • Long Bamboo No.2
  • Long Bamboo No.3
  • Long Bamboo No.4
  • Short Bamboo No.1
  • Short Bamboo No.2

Plus 1 Assembled Layout, Letter Key and Project Sheet for just $30.00!

Order and Download it today!

Tiki Bar No.3

One possible layout.

At first glance the Tiki Bar No.3 looks allot like the No.2 and, well, you would be right.  But when you look closer you will notice that are very different in how they were designed.

This project has been created so that you can easily create bamboo picture frames, borders or panels.  The 3 bamboo pieces that are included in this project fit together perfectly to create different lengths of bamboo.  The bamboo panel can be stacked to make an even larger panel for things like a headboard for a bed or a wall texture!

All 5 individual models.

Project Sheet

Assembled layout - scaled 4x6 frame

This project includes 5 models:

  • Grass Hut No.1
  • Cut Bamboo No.1
  • Short Bamboo No.3
  • Cut Bamboo No.2
  • Bamboo Panel No.1

Plus 1 Assembled Layout and Project Sheet for just $30.00!

Order and Download it today!

Hope you enjoy these projects... comments welcome!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team