Greg Raso - "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

We have to give a special thanks to Greg Raso, not just because he sent in great shot of a project he made using our Wine Bar No.1 project or the great picture of his home-built CNC, but because he used Vectric's VCarve Pro version 8 to do it all!  

That's  right, all of you VCarve Pro users that have purchased version 8 or upgraded can now use our projects!

Check out this  post  for more info.

Check out this post for more info.


"I just upgraded my V-carve Pro to version 8 and downloaded the wine bar project. I decided to follow the design on the tutorial for my first project, so it’s not too original."

We think it looks pretty darn nice!!

"I did however have a great time working on it and it looks great!"

Glad you had fun making it, Greg!

"I made it for a friend of mine who happens to make his own home made wine. It’s made out of cherry and I used a cherry tinted Danish oil for the finish. The CNC is a home built that I recently made using plans which I found on the internet, by Dave Gatton"

Thank you Greg for sharing this project with us!  

Consider yourself...  Weekend CNC Warrior Approved!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The Design and Make It Team