Jevon and a great Coat of Arms hack!

If you are a regular visitor to our site you are sure to have seen the name Jevon.  We can't say enough about this guys work and how awesome it is to be apart of his projects.

Jevon sent us in this great picture of a finished project he made hacking together a few of our coat of arms models and some models he had in his own personal library.  

The flourishes and top ribbon he used are all from our Family Coat of Arms No.1 project.  Interesting how he merged them together to make a more complex flourish.

The bottom ribbon came from the Pick-Up League Basketball project.  Looks like he stretched and squished it to make it work. Nice!

The helmet looks like it came from part of the Vectric family).  Some great painting and custom modeling to finish out a very nice project.

Nice work Jevon and that is why you have earned the "Weekend CNC Warrior" title!  If you’re interested in more of what Jevon has done with our projects then check out these links...

Finished size was 23.5" x 36" model thikness was 1" w/o the rivets.

Thanks again Jevon for sharing your work with us... we really appreciate it!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team