Dave Haskin - Customer Focus

Dave Haskin sent this in about 7 months ago... yikes... sorry Dave for not getting this up sooner!  He created this great layout as a wedding gift for his daughter.

Dave used the Wine Bar No.1 project to create his layout.

"I have had my Vectric VCarve Desktop software for about a month now and this was the first project that I ran. I will admit that I did run a test piece first, though."

Hard to believe he created this after only one month of using the software.  VCarve Desktop is the little brother to VCarve Pro and is just as capable with only a few things missing that VCarve Pro has to offer.  Perfect for the new CNC user that has a small format CNC or smaller budget.

"I used a 1/16” tapered ball nose bit and the overall diameter of the project was 10.5”, so it took quite a while to run. My machine is a small homemade machine running LinuxCNC software. It is a work in progress with most of it still made out of wooden parts."

The time paid off and the finish look great!

"There is no real secret to my finish technique. I used spray shellac to seal the wood, then used some acrylic craft paint to paint the text and finished it off with a satin varnish."

"I first saw a similar design done by Doug Pinney on the Think & Tinker website where I buy my tooling. I contacted Doug and he told me about Vectric software and the rest is history."

The community that has grown up around the Vectric software offering is amazing .  Great users, very willing to share helpful information among other users or offer advice to new CNC enthusiasts! 



Update - December 7, 2015

Dave sent us in this picture of a wonderful looking centerpiece he made using our Home for the Holidays No.2 CNC project!  This is going to look so nice during his holiday meals and get togethers!

Thanks again Dave for sharing these projects with us!