Larry Breaux - Customer Focus

"The videos are in my opinion the 2nd best thing about your site, right after the projects."

Thanks Larry, and we feel the best thing about our site is the inspiration we get from customer project submissions... just like yours!

"The material is some 1” oak I had leftover from previous projects. I operate an AXYZ 5012 at my place of employment along with Aspire 4.5, typically I play with personal projects after hours here and there."

"Most of the time my regular work is strictly 2d and I don’t get the opportunity to venture into 3d work too often.  I can make short work of most tasks with the software in my normal day to day work but the 3d stuff is a little more challenging and that’s why I decided to try one of your projects. You can’t get good at chess playing checkers all the time."

"The finish is Minwax Sedona Red that I had laying around. Future projects will receive Red Mahogany per my wife’s request. Then just 2 coats of some spray bomb clear satin from Home Depot. Total machine time was about 1.5 hours with the small fleur di lis in the corners. I used a .25” end mill for the roughing, a .125” tapered ball nose for the finishing pass, and a 60° V-bit for the lettering. Font used for lettering is Century."

Larry's layout is a hack using models from the Home for the Holidays No.2 and the Dish Shapes No.2 CNC project.  This is a great example how you can take one of our holiday themed projects and make something you can use every day of the year!

"Thanks again for all the work you put into making this so user friendly and accessible."

Thanks again Larry for sharing this project with us!