Tony Duderewicz - Customer Focus

Tony sent this in just before the end of the 2015 school year.

"Graduation plaque I made out of red oak,
measuring about 10 inches. Took me 3 hrs to carve."
"I like all your projects. I use a CNC Shark extended bed from Rockler.
I use Aspire from Vectric."

Tony used the Graduation Day No.1 CNC project for his finished piece!

"I've been doing cnc woodworking for 4 yrs now and really enjoy it. Been a woodworker for 35 yrs."

Glad to see an old school woodworker add this sort of technology to his toolbox!

"I used a .25 end mill for rough carving and for cutting it out. I use a .125 ball nose bit for finishing and a 90 deg v bit for the lettering. I used a clear gloss finish on it about 3 coats."

The finish looks great and the grain of the wood really adds to the look!

"I get a lot of ideas from your website and also lot of ideas on facebook from other people."

We always love to hear where customers get their inspiration from.  

Can't help but think how much Danae will appreciate the work that went into this keepsake.  Nice work Tony!

Thanks again Tony for sharing this project with us!