Daniel auf der Maur - Customer Focus

It seems our CNC projects have made it into the hands of another craftsman who has taken them and created something that we are sure you'll all enjoy!  Daniel is from Switzerland and took the time to share some of his finished pieces with us... get ready to be inspired!  

"Firstly, congratulations on your products."
"I am very satisfied. you can see every little detail just perfect, will buy again for sure with you. I work with Aspire am a newbie, am concerned only been about half a year to work. but am very pleased with the products I produce

(Sorry about the translation - Google Translate did it's best)

Daniel used the Western Saloon No.1 project to create this saloon sign!

If this is what Daniel is producing with only a half year of CNC experience... we can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

"Saloon 1 product is 60cm. long and about 30cm wide. Solid Linde."

Wonderful finish on that saloon sign it's spot on!  The style of the text is also perfect for the layout.



"The sheriff's star was an order for a bar, on 10 shots are served."

This is a great idea and a classy way to deliver the round of drinks... and reminder that the Sheriff might just be watching!

The burnt finish is also a nice touch.  It really give the final piece an old saloon look!

There are some other pieces that Daniel has posted on his site... super work!


The 2 clocks look so nice made using slabs of wood with the bark on the edges and the one on the right has a great looking texture added to it.  Great use of the hands and rings from the Be Mine No.1 project!

This is a great hack using the Western Saloon No.1 and some other models Daniel collected (and we think that might just be Daniel in the photo???)

Thanks again Daniel for sharing these projects with us!