Rick Ashwood - D&M Customer Focus

These stunning pieces from Rick Ashwood surely show off his excellence in woodworking and finishing!  

Rick used the Win Bar No.1 CNC project to create the "Tiph Room" sign.

"The wine barrel is in cherry and 18 inches round. Finished with a 1/16 inch bit."

"I have a Shopbot Buddy and use a glazing technique for finishing."

That glazing looks sooooo smooth!

Rick hacked together this wonderful layout using the Western Saloon No.1 CNC Project and a couple of models from VA3D.com!

"The Indian head is In alder and I it was 15x19."

Rick also posted this on the Vectric forum if you're interested in seeing what other Vectric users had to say and ask.

"Both were cut from blocks of wood that were 1.7 inches thick."

I am sure you will all agree that Rick's 2 finished layouts are pretty darn nice!

Thank you Rick for sharing these projects with us!