Pick-Up League - Golf - Get ready for spring!

This time of the year golf is only played in the warmer parts of the world.  If you happen to live someplace where you never need a snow shovel then you can probably hit the green anytime you want.  For some you may need to wait for warmer temperatures and the white stuff to be gone.

Either way you are sure to be near a golf course at some point and this project will come in very handy!

There are countless reasons why you should hit the green on occasion.  Some might look at it as a way to get a bit of exercise, do a bit of networking or just to get out and get some fresh air.  There is always a need to celebrate a great shot, a good game or show that new player he is excelling.  This project is perfect for creating that neighborhood "Ace" award or used to create a plaque for your local charity tournament

You can't beat 7 models for $25.00 so if your a golfer, live near a course or are just an armchair pro then our Pick-Up League - Golf project is perfect for you!

  • Laurel No.1
  • Sports Plaque No.6
  • Ribbon No.12
  • Golf Tee No.1
  • Golf Ball No.1
  • Club Head No.1
  • Green and Flag No.1

This project is a hole in one! 

Here are a couple of layout idea to get you started!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team