Farm Fresh No.1 - We've been roosting on this post.

Looks like we missed making an official Shop Notes post for this project.  Better late then never... unless your a rooster.

This mini-project was inspired by a submission from Carl Hind-Rutter (a Weekend CNC Warrior) and we could not resist!

This project contains models that are sure to inspire some pretty nice rustic looking signs pointing the way to some tasty fresh eggs, milk or a cozy bed & breakfast.  Maybe even a road sign welcoming guests to the family hobby farm or proudly displaying the name of a 3rd generation farming family.  

Our Farm Fresh No.1 project contains the following 6 models:

  • Fresh Eggs No.1
  • Arrow No.1
  • Tin Rooster No.1
  • Rustic Sign No.1
  • Milk Bottle No.1
  • Milk Can No.1

All of these great models for just $25.00!

Catch it while you can!

Here are a couple of layout idea to get you started!

Not sure if this project is fresh enough for you?  Check out these "fresh" finished pieces by 2 of our Weekend CNC Warriors!

Thanks to Suzanne from Suzanne's Woodworking for this one!

Uncle Henry made this great clock just is case the rooster slept in!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team