Boo! Did we get ya? If not... this will!

It's that time of year to start thinking about Christmas... no, no... Halloween! Yeah that's the one.  Fall is here and the leaves are turning color.  Soon it will be time to break out the old spooky decorations and think... "These are looking pretty sad.".  If you have a CNC we have made it super easy to create some new ones that will last a heck of a lot longer then the ones you can pick up at your local dollar store (now that's scary!).

Introducing our Halloween No.2 mini-project!

We have included 3 models that will be sure to inspire you to create something pretty ghoulish

  • Skull
  • Bony Hand
  • Tombstone

On top of that we have 3 more models that are perfect for any costume party or dress-up event!

  • Top Hat
  • Masquerade Mask
  • Marquee Sign 

Could there be anything more scary then that??? Ohhhhh yes.  We wanted to give you the ability to create the cracks in your project like we have simulated in the rendering above.  

A little treat for you!

On the project page you can dig up a link to download these 4 free DXF crack vectors.

They are super easy to use and have been created so that the result from v-carving will be so spooky that you'll think they're real!

So does this new mini-project not scare up some pretty fun ideas?!  What are you waiting for?  This mini-project is a treat... and there is no trick involved...


Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team