Coffee and CNC'ing... a perfect combination!

Flipping through the stack of project pages on our desk we discovered that we have missed a very important mini-project theme.  No it's not golf, fishing or car-racing (although those are pretty good ideas) but... COFFEE!  Yeah... how did we miss that one!  It's not like there isn't a steamy cup of "joe" sitting right beside the stack or... or... a coffee cup stain in our logo.  Wow.


Introducing the
Coffee Shop No.1

We can't imagine not having a coffee themed mini-project knowing that it is an important CNC safety precaution to always have coffee on hand before starting up your machine (read the fine print in the manual... it's there someplace... really).


This mini-project has 5 models included in it that we're pretty sure you all can use at sometime or another.

We all have a family member that is a bit of a coffee nut, a local coffee shop that is in need of some new wall art or a new sign. Not to mention the growing independent small roasters out there that sure could use the help of some great visual marketing pieces, customized with their logo! 

Lets not let that hot cup of coffee you just poured go to waste... grab this mini-project now and get some ideas brewing!

Hack this mini-project!

The "Coffee Shop Sign" was made using the models from 2 mini-projects:

The font used to simulate the v-carving is called Gentium Basic.

WOW... that's a hack!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team