Proud CarveWright Conference 2014 Sponsor!

We are super proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 CarveWright Conference.  We hope all of the attendees enjoy the event, learning and the opportunity to network with other users.

All of you attendees be sure to check out the free mini-project that has been added to your USB drive (psst... its in the goody bag).  

Our Pop's Tool Shop No.1 mini-project is all yours just for being there at the conference.  

Looking to see what others are doing with their CarveWright CNC and our Mini-projects?  Check out these "Shop Notes" posts!

On top of that great freebie we are also offering everyone that is a fan of our mini-projects a 20% discount on any mini-project purchased during the conference and up till midnight June 30th, 2014.  Use this discount code - 1127GQ19 

Note - we offer the PNG file format for our CarveWright users.

Look for our ad in the conference handout booklet! 

So fill up that cart with mini-project goodness and get creative.

Be safe... and let the chips fly!!!

The CNCminiProjects Team