Uncle Henry you are "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!

Uncle Henry has been busy working with and learning with the help of our mini-projects and we could not be any more happy with his success!   

"Here is a photo of the part I cut using the sample heart and banner. It was quick and easy."

" I use a Legacy Arty 36. using a Bosch router.
For more complicated vector designs I use TurboCad but do most design work using Aspire.
The piece I sent you was made of poplar purchased at Lowes, the oval was made using the create model subtract and your models were placed on top using add plus some tilt and fade. The name was done using the Oklahoma typeface distorted to generally follow the ribbon. It was cut using a 60 degree v-bit.
The cadeus as I said was lifted from Google images placed over the heart left of center and cut using a 22 degree v-bit.
The finished part was sanded down to 220 grit, sealed with 2 coats of Bull's Eye shellac and then a final coat of Minwax polyethylene.

The carving was painted using Testors airplane paints. I flood the letters and graphics then wipe off the excess using mineral spirits on a paper towel and Q-tips."

It's always great to see what customers do with the free mini-projects we offer!  Nice job Uncle Henry! and thanks for all of the extra information.

Uncle Henry has also purchased a couple of our mini-projects hand has put them to good use.

"As I said I tried the project as outlined on the tutorial but modified it for the Dollar Store candle. Works well except I cut the text with my 22 deg v-bit and it cut too deep. I think I will change it to cut depth limited to 0.075 inches."

Here is a great use of the Farm Fresh No.1 mini-project... we never thought of a rooster clock.  It kinda makes sense though. 

"Here is a picture of the rooster clock fresh out of the shop, I cut it from a piece of poplar from Lowes. I roughed it with a 0.50 end mill and then did the finish in two passes, 0.25 ball nose and then an 0.0625 for the numbers and rooster. The only thing wrong is that the 0.25 leaves too many corduroy streaks and then going back the second finish pass cuts a little deep and leaves a shadow mark. I used a quartz movement from Klockit, the hole I made was too small and I chipped the bird a bit when I enlarged it but fortunately it glued back in place. I need to stain and finish the piece including painting the rooster and numbers."

Thank you Uncle Henry for the great images and all the the time you took to compose the workflow into easy to follow text!

Uncle Henry you can consider yourself "Weekend CNC Warrior" Approved!  

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team