Home for the Holidays No.4 – Free!

Our friends over at Vectric have been creating a great series of blog posts they call "12 Projects of Christmas".  If you are a reader of the Vectric Labs blog you will have noticed that they are on number 9... and that's us!!!

We were asked if we would like to contribute a free mini-project to the series... and of course we did.  Today, if you have Aspire, you can download Home for the Holidays No.4 completely free!  5 models, 1 finished layout ready for your CNC and a set of snowflake vectors ready for v-carving.  We think that's a pretty good early Christmas present.

Finished example and this layout is offered for free to Aspire 4.5 users on the Vectic Labs blog!


The guys and gals at Vectric took the mini-project and came up with this great layout and documented how it was done.  All of that great information is included in the blog post ready for you to consume like a Christmas shortbread cookie!


This mini-project contains the following 5 models:

  • Candy Cane
  • Holly No.1
  • Globe No.1
  • Snowglobe Base No.1
  • Ornament Top No.1

This is just like any of our other mini-project offerings so you will find a project sheet with some nice inspiration.  Below are a couple of layout ideas using the Old English font and the project sheet from the free vector snowflakes (also offered on the blog post). 

This mini-project is primed for holiday hacking!  Add in models from any of our other Home for the Holiday mini-projects or clip-art form your own library to really make an impression!

Click the banner below and you will be taken to the official Vectric Labs blog where you can read all about this free mini-project and what it took to make Vectric's very festive layout!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team