Carl and his "Gnome Doors"!

You probably already know Carl Hird-Rutter from his fantastic wine cellar sign we posted last month so there isn't any need to go on about his creative style and finishing, so we won't. 

In this case we want to highlight his "out of the box" style of hacking mini-projects to get some pretty unique layouts. 

A while back Carl emailed us 2 very interesting designs that he put together using a couple of our mini-projects and a couple of pieces from his library..  

The door is actually the horseshoe from the Western Saloon No.1 mini-project and the wine barrel top from the Wine Bar No.1 mini-project... crazy.  He also used the bull skull form the Western Saloon No.1  over the door in the first layout.

"I took the wine barrel from the wine bar and the horseshoe from the western saloon and made a gnome door. I used a stone texture for the background.
Also did a western gnome door."

Carl created the layouts in his CarveWright software.  Not sure if he ever machined one of them... but it sure would look cool in a kids playhouse or as a very unique door to his wine cellar!

Thanks again for sharing Carl!

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team