Weekend CNC Warrior, Carl Hird-Rutter, is unstoppable!

Carl Hird-Rutter is at it again!  He used the Wine Bar No.1 mini-project and the free Heart and Ribbon mini-project to hack this beauty together!

"Just made a sign for a bulkhead on my basement stairs.
it is 1x10 pine.
The finish is two colours of Briwax. I love how it gets in the crevices and makes it pop.
The banner is from the free Heart MiniProject.

The font is Christmas Card 2"

Carl has sent us a few more submissions but we're going to save them for another time.  Truly amazing work Carl... thanks for sharing! 

(Check out this Shop Notes post for more examples of Carl's work)

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team