Dishing out the first "No.2" of 2014!

From both of us here at CNCminiProjects we hope you all had a safe and happy holidays!  Wishing you all the best for 2014!  

Thank you to all of our customers for making 2013 a great first year!

We would like to send a special thanks to all of our customers that have taken the time to spread the word about what we have to offer here.  If it were not for you, your kind words and all your support, 2013 would not have been as great as it was!  Thank you!

We are so excited to be releasing our first "No.2" to start our second year in business.

Late last year we released a mini-project called Dish Shapes No.1 and we felt that we need to follow it up closely with our Dish Shapes No.2.. so here it is!!!!

Our second installment has the same 4 basic shapes with a hand carved look added to them.  We have replaced the daisy with a sharp looking fleur de lis that has been inspired by a carving we once saw on a church in Texas. 

Both the Dish Shapes No.1 and No.2 were created so that any user, from novice to the expert, could machine a model below the surface of a project, wood blank or a cabinet door.  Addin amazing versatility to our mini-projects and to your existing library of models.

To help you understand more fully how to uses these we also developed a Rough Cuts video to help you along.  Please feel free to check it out!

So here's to a safe and wonderful 2014 filled with great Weekend CNC Warrior projects! 

Be safe and let the chips fly!

The CNCminiProjects Team
Todd and Pierre Luc